JUN 1-6

Welcoming Summer Retreat, Anafi Island, Cyclades

Organized by LuCreative Studios

Anafi remains a pure island, still untouched by mass tourism
with one small traditional village and amazing trekking trails
leading to the most beautiful unexplored beaches.The clear landscape and the endless view of the horizon
offer the ideal environment for our retreat.
The absence of awareness on our everyday life in the city
often leads to physical, emotional and mental strain.
For the few days that we will share on this beautiful island
our practice will include a combination of yoga classes and
meditations inspired by the mindfulness practices of Buddhist teachings
for cultivating inner peace and presence.
Mindfulness is knowing what you are experiencing, while you are experiencing it.
The practice of mindfulness “gives rise to understanding and liberation of the mind”.

It is the total awareness of the moment, simply being in the now, with a sense of freedom, of perspective, of being connected.
It helps to regulate our emotions, reduce stress, lower judgmental attitudes, improve memory and focus.

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The Two Faces of the Goddess

Jivamukti Yoga meets Kathak dance.

Join us in an exploration of the two aspects of the Goddess in Hindu Mythology. That of the Mother, Gauri and that of the Destroyer, Kali.

We will prepare our body-mind through a vigorous Jivamukti Yoga practice as well as narration of myth, to then delve into the rhythm and choreography of a Kathak dance piece, embodying the Goddess in her dual nature.

New venues will be announced soon!



Jivamukti Weekend with Polyxeni, Akropoditi, Syros Island.

Join us for a weekend of Jivamukti Yoga at Akropoditi Dance Centre!
We will explore Patanjali's II:46 Sutra: 'Sthira-sukha asanam', through
movement and stillness.

Sthira: steady, stable.
Sukha: easy, joyful.
Asanam: seat, posture, connection to the Earth.

‘The connection to the earth should be steady and joyful’

As our teachers Sharron Gannon and David Life say, “Asana is the
practice of connecting to the Earth. Earth means the ground we walk
on, but also the air we breath, the water we drink, and all beings-
animals plants and minerals”. How can we learn to relate to the Earth
with steadiness and ease?

Saturday 27 May 16:00 – 18:00
Sunday 28 May 12:00 – 14:00



Open house at Jivamukti Yoga Stockholm

Stockholm yogis and yoginis,

Welcome to join us on the mat as we open up our doors for an OPEN
HOUSE this weekend celebrating Jivamukti Yoga sister and teacher
Polyxeni Aklidi visiting all the way from Greece.

A weekend of asana practice, pranayama, meditation and chanting,
Polyxeni will host three classes to introduce you to the practice of
Jivamukti Yoga:

Saturday May 20
10:30 – Open Class with Polyxeni Aklidi & Fia Garvner
13:30 – Open Class with Polyxeni Aklidi & Fia Garvner

Sunday May 21
15:00 – Open Class with Polyxeni Aklidi



Jivamukti and Vinyasa Yoga Retreat in Paros Island with Spiros Tarifas and Polyxeni Aklidi.

Three days of spring in beautiful Paros, overlooking the sea. We will have yoga sessions two to three times a day, and we will take time to swim at the pool and the sea as well as mill around the island!

The cost of he retreat is 120€, it includes accommodation, breakfast and all yoga sessions.


4 - 5
11 - 12

The teacher's voice

Your voice, as a teacher, creates and transmits the energy of your class. When your sound is relaxed and rooted in your body, your students will tend to feel grounded and at ease. Just as you choose your words and sequences carefully, it is important to convey your material with a voice that is straightforward and soothing. Your throat is the area of Vishuddhi Chakra, the energy center that transmits your inner truth. Expressing clearly through it, can make your classes authentic and inspiring.

During this workshop we will take time to observe our body and breath, and see how sound is produced and how it resonates. When your voice is free of tension, you can speak loud without strain and for a longer periods of time. So we need to learn how to deepen our breath, relax the throat and engage the vocal cords sufficiently. You will connect with your natural uninhibited voice and explore its volume and texture.

In particular, during this workshop we will:
* learn how the voice works and what inhibits it from actually flowing freely
* tune into the body and spine releasing tension
* tap into the mechanics of breathing and see how certain pranayama exercises can help supporting the voice
* explore the feeling and texture of our individual and unique voice and see how it is amplified
* discover how sound resonates through different parts of the body

You will be given practical tools; exercises that will help you improve your articulation and increase the volume of your voice.



Join us for an incredible yoga and sailing adventure in one of Greece's most spectacular areas!

Swaha Yoga Centre, in collaboration with VoiliVoilou, offers a Jivamukti Yoga and Sailing journey around the Argo-Saronic Gulf.
Seize the opportunity to awaken your body and spirit through yoga asana, pranayama and meditation practices, and indulge yourself into the vast beauty of the sea with all your senses.
Yoga practice will take place in a different magnificent location every morning and sunset.

We will start our journey in Athens, and visit Agistri, Aegina, Poros, Epidaurus And Hydra.

A typical day on board:

Early wake up – Sunrise yoga – Breakfast – Sailing to the next destination – Free time for swimming and relaxing – Lunch – Rest – Sunset yoga and meditation session – Relaxing on board or strolling-exploring the whereabouts